Tackling Leukemia

Tackling Leukemia

Sept 30, 2017

Dearest Brothers, Family and Friends,

In a few weeks we will be joint hosting a Tackling Leukemia philanthropy, with Pi Beta Phi Sorority and Farmhouse Fraternity. This philanthropy is a flag football tournament set to raise money for the awareness, research and treatment of leukemia and more specifically for Sigma Nu to support our brother Kyle Kleckner.

As many of you already know, our brother Kyle was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia last spring. Leukemia is a form of cancer that primarily affects bone marrow, leading to a lowered production of red blood cells and an increase in abnormal white blood cells. Kyle has been receiving aggressive chemotherapy and steroid treatment for the past few months, while still taking classes at CSU. His courage, strength, and gratitude for life – even as he faces one of the world’s most relentless diseases – is a symbol of what it truly means to be a Knight of Sigma Nu.

The treatment of leukemia, like other cancers, can take a physical, emotional and financial toll on a family. The average initial treatment cost for a single leukemia patient for one hospital visit can reach up to $140,000, and Kyle will be receiving some form of treatment for the next five years. At this price, even high coverage insurance plans start to run out. Although we can’t fight cancer for Kyle, we certainly can make sure that he or his family don’t have to do it alone.

Please help us support our brother by purchasing a Tackling Leukemia shirt from this link:


*All proceeds from these shirts will be donated to the treatment of leukemia.

For CSU students:

You can also help support Kyle by registering a flag football team or coming out to support the Tackling Leukemia event on September 30th at Colorado State University. The event will begin at 11am on the CSU IM fields.

If you have any questions, or would like to register a team, feel free to contact our philanthropy chair:

John Boehmig


(404) 683-0577

Thank you all for your support in raising over 12,000$ this summer for Kyle’s treatment!

Love, Honor, Truth

Brandt Reutimann — Eminent Commander

Delta Rho 1738

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